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Summer Upholstered


Extruded aluminum frames won’t rust and can be used anywhere, even the harshest seaside environments. Aluminum is a naturally light and strong metal that’s also recyclable. Suncoast’s proprietary extrusions have internal ribs to provide additional strength. Frames are prepared using our exclusive Platinum Bond Finish process consisting of two coatings of polyester30 powder. This finish will not rust or peel, is three times thicker than paint, and more durable. Two fiberglass springs attached to an all aluminum swivel mechanism provides a smooth rocking motion, and aluminum doesn’t rust. Only stainless steel fasteners are used where movement is desired. These won’t rust or become wobbly with other fasteners. To eliminate strap pull out, straps are permanently held in place by nylon rivets covered by a full double wrap of strap at each end. Our PVC material is infused with ultraviolet stabilizers and mildew inhibitors, for better color retention and mildew resistance. A wide range of frame colors, fabrics, and vinyl strap colors allow you to customize your furniture, to complement your décor. Let Suncoast help you to create the perfect outdoor environment. Tempered glass is heated in high temperature furnaces to toughen the surface. The result is a durable and cost effective table top. Our foam filling provides luxurious seating comfort and long lasting resilience. The foam cores are sewn into envelopes made from water resistant fabrics. This keeps the foam core dry even during rain. We use outdoor rated fabrics made from acrylic and olefin fibers that are soft to the touch but tough enough to survive the summer sun and rain.


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