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Andis 30975 HD-10L Unboxing and Review

Posted by Gary Brown on Dec 7th 2020

Andis 30975 HD-10L Unboxing and Review

Today we are doing an unboxing and review of the Andis 30975 HD-10L Hang Up Wall Mount Hair Dryer. If you are looking for a top of the line hair dryer that has all the features including an LED night light, quiet motor, dual wattage capability and ionic technology then this is the hair dryer for you. If you haven’t heard of Andis, the company has been around since 1922. They are well known for their professional line of clippers and trimmers for both people and pets. Andis also makes a complete line of professional and consumer hair dryers and curling irons and a commercial hospitality line of wall mounted hair dryers. These are used in hotels, fitness centers, country clubs, health care facilities and anywhere there is a use for a wall mounted hair dryer. This model, the 30975 HD-10L, is their top model. Today we are going to do an unboxing and review of the 30975 and show the feature that set this hair dryer apart from other models. This is one of our best selling models and for good reason thanks to some unique features not found in other brands of wall mounted hair dryers.

Product Packaging

One of the best things about the product is the packaging. It comes in a 4-color box. Many commercial grade hair dryers do not come in color boxes and this is really nice because if you are giving this as a gift, you have a much nicer box to wrap and it makes a better presentation. On one side of the box they include a lot of information about the hair dryer including the features. On the other side of the box, the features are listed including:

  • Quiet long life motor
  • 1600 watts of drying power
  • 3 position switch with 2 heat/air settings
  • Lifeline® shock protection is built into the unit
  • Hanger loop lifts cord off countertop
  • Metal mounting plate for secure wall attachment
  • Long-lasting electronic night light - no bulbs to burn out or replace

Unboxing - What comes inside the box?

The hair dryer comes with 3 pieces of literature inside. There is an instruction manual in three languages, English, Spanish and French. There is a message about the GFCI automatic interrupt switch or ALCI. There is also a template diagram which will be helpful to mount the dryer to the wall, including determining the wall space needed to install the dryer, where the screws holes will need to be made also it will help make sure you can install the dryer straight and correct the first time. The unit itself comes in a plastic bag. You also receive a small bag with mounting screws, anchors and instructions for installation of the hanger loop.



Some of the wall mounted hair dryers we carry hang up with the nozzle portion facing the wall. Others hang up

sideways. This model hangs up sideways. When you hang up the hair dryer portion, it turn the dryer off automatically. There is a small toggle switch shown here that turns off the dryer. So the dryer can be shut off either by hanging it up in the wall cradle or by simply using the switch on the handle.

Position switch with 2 heat/air settings

The switch on the handle has 3 positions. The center position is “Off”. Up for “Low” and down for “High”. There are only 2 air speed and heat settings. The low setting has a low air speed and moderate heat. The high setting has the full speed and heat capability of the hair dryer.

Dual-wattage capable 1600/1200 watts

The 30975 also has a small switch on the handle above the power switch which accepts a #3 Allen wrench and you can switch between 1600 watts and 1200 watts. You may notice a small difference in the airflow and heat between the two wattage setting but it is not incredibly different. Why would you want to reduce the power usage of the hair dryer? The answer of course is electrical cost savings. The reduction in electricity used between 1600 and 1200 watts is about 19 to 20%. If you are a hotel owner or a fitness center owner with multiple dryers deployed for your customers, then obviously the electrical savings will add up. The 1200 watt setting may also have the benefit of a lower level of heat when drying hair.

Quiet Turbo Motor

This unit is touted to have a quiet turbo motor. That feature is stated on the box and on the side of the hair dryer so it is definitely a main feature. Indeed this is one of the quietest if not the quietest wall mounted hair dryer we carry. It doesn’t seem as loud as most other hair dryers while still having a strong air flow like you would expect from a 1600 watt hair dryer. As mentioned in later testing, while the tone of the dryer is slightly different when using either the 1200 or 1600 watt setting, the difference in sound level from the motor was close enough that we couldn’t see a difference on a decibel meter.

Ionic Technology

The dryer also features ionic technology. Ionic technology emits negative ions that cause water molecules to divide into smaller particles that evaporate faster. This allows the hair to both dry faster and also better absorb the moisture to stay softer as you dry your hair and help prevent frizz.

Built in ALCI Switch - Appliance Leakage Current Interrupter

Most of the hair dryers on the market come with the ALCI built in the the plug and comes with 2 buttons on the plug usually red and yellow. This model has the ALCI switch built into the wall cradle. ALCI stand for Appliance Leakage Current Interrupter and is designed to cut power to the hair dryer if there is a change in electrical current such as a surge or if the hair dryer is accidentally dropped into water. On the 30975 the two buttons are on the front of the wall cradle and are grey in color. Having the ALCI on the cradle is a nice feature because it means the plug is smaller (standard 2 prong) which takes up less room on the outlet you are using and makes it easier to plug in other tools.

Removable lint cover

Another nice feature of the Andis 30975 HD-10L is the removable lint cover. To remove the lint cover, just twist counter-clockwise and it comes right off. As anyone knows that has owned a hair dryer, the intakes get clogged with dust over time and it’s important to clean them out regularly so the dryer can breath and this extends the life of the hair dryer. Once the cover is removed, you can rinse the plastic cover under the faucet and clean the lint screen with a small brush. A vacuum cleaner with a brush hose attachment works really well so the dust doesn’t get pushed inside the dryer. There is also room for a disposable lint screen that would fit under the cover. Lint screens are really convenient because you can just replace the dirty lint screen with a new one every couple months. We carry packs of lint screens and you can order these on our website or by calling us. To put the lint cover back on just twist it clockwise.

Built-in LED Night Light

The Andis 30975 features an LED night light built in to the left side of the wall cradle. This night light is bright enough but not too bright and has a pleasant green glow that will be helpful for you or your hotel guests to find their way for nighttime visits to the bathroom. The LED is designed to last for the life of the hair dryer and never need to be replaced saving time and maintenance.

Hanger Loop

The hanger loop is attached with 2 small screws on either side of the back of the wall cradle. The hanger loop is a great feature because it keeps the coiled cord off the counter. This is one of those small but really helpful features. The fact that the hair dryer can be stored without any cords or wires at all touching the counter leaves more room for other items on the bathroom counter and provides a much cleaner look. So it depends which side works best but most will want install the hook on the right side since the handle of the hair dryer is offset to the right when placed in the wall cradle.

What are the measurements of the dryer? Will it fit on my wall?

At the widest point of the wall cradle from left to right is 5.75” If the hanger loop is attached, that will add another 1.5”.

The height of the wall cradle not including the coiled cord is 9.25” inches and you need to allow another inch for the end of the coiled cord with has a non-flexible plastic case.

The coiled cord length without being stretched is approximately 24 inches and completely extended is about 6 feet in length.

The power cord is about 25 inches long. So remember to mount the dryer close enough to the outlet that you won’t have to over stretch the cord.

How to mount the 30975 HD-10L on the wall

Before mounting the hair dryer on the wall, it’s important to remember to attach the hanger loop since you won’t be able to attach it once the hair dryer is mounted on the wall without taking it off again.

The metal mounting bracket comes attached to the back of the wall cradle. There are two screws that can be accessed from the front of the cradle to detach the metal plate. Once the plate is detached, you can use the screws and anchors that came in the box to mount the metal bracket on the wall. The cradle can then be re-attached to the metal plate to mount the entire hair dryer to the wall.

Sound level

One of the main features of the Andis 30975 HD-10L is the quiet turbo motor. We tested the hair dryer on both the 1200 watt and 1600 watt settings with a cell phone decibel meter app. The decibel level was about the same at both wattages.

Low setting - 68 db.

High setting - 79 db.

Final Thoughts

The Andis 30975 HD-10L is considered a top of the line wall mount hair dryer we have sold to customers for several years. In that time, we have received almost unanimously positive feedback from customers on this quality model. Thoughtful design, quality construction and unique features like a hanger loop to store the cord and a quiet yet powerful motor make it a customer favorite. It is a great choice for premium hotels or for home owners who want the added convenience of a wall mounted hair dryer.